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Reporter for The Ravalli Republic.

Ethan Michael, project leader of the U.S. Forest's Northern Region Timber Strike Team, marks one of the leave-trees on the Bitterroot National…

A Douglas fir is pocked with sawdust left behind by boring Douglas fir beetles that can girdle the tree underneath the bark enough to kill it. 

Bitterroot National Forest forester Nate Barber's favorite tree on the forest is a huge Ponderosa Pine that he estimates could be over 300 yea…

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The business is located on Hamilton's Main Street near the Main Street Wash O Mat.


PerryBackus commented on Lake Como wolf pair ordered killed

[quote]Comment Not Approved said: "Perry,I clicked on the link you provided and got the following:"We have recently redesigned If you are getting this error, the page you are looking for has probably been moved. Please try to find the page through the top navigation (gr…

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