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Corvallis girls basketball team focuses on the future

Corvallis girls basketball team focuses on the future


Corvallis High School’s Blue Devil girls basketball team is fired up with a focus on improving and determination for victory in the future.

Head Coach Andy Knapp said the team is doing well even with some ups and some downs.

“We have good streaks and we have some tough streaks,” Knapp said. “We are six and three right now and just came off a tough weekend but we did get two wins. The injuries are something the girls are battling through.”

Knapp said that rather than having a few standouts of talent the varsity team with eight girls playing has pulled together to be a strong team.

“Every one of them is counted on in a different way,” Knapp said. “If one of them is having a great night it is usually because the other girls are doing what they are supposed to do. There have been nights when I look at the book and every single person has scored. At this point there isn’t one person dominating, there has just been a team.”

The prevailing attitude is one of optimistic determination and the team members are putting in the extra effort.

At the beginning of the season the Blue Devil girls adopted a motto that they created, “Hold the vision, trust the process.”

“I think they all understand that we are going through a process with a goal to move to a divisional tournament and go on from there,” Knapp said. “Every day they come in and practice and work hard. They work to improve every single day. There isn’t a kid that I could say, ‘well, you need to kick it up.’ It doesn’t get said to this varsity group because they just come in and work hard.”

The team consists of five seniors, three juniors and a sophomore. One of the seniors is on the disabled list but an encouraging part of the team.

Knapp said the divisional tournament is quickly approaching and this is a big weekend for the Blue Devil team.

“We are slightly over half way in the season but it will go pretty quickly,” Knapp said. “We play Hamilton on Thursday and Dillon on Saturday. Without looking at the MHSA records, I’m pretty sure Dillon is number one at 4-0 in the conference, they just beat Hamilton, and I think Hamilton is number two, but I’m not positive.”

Knapp said the Blue Devils are where they need to be and are ready to play as a team with solid skills, good communication and grit.


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