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There’s only so many ways to train for a cross country season, and it often means running long miles alone.

So for the Blue Devils’ Will Flowers, winning Tuesday’s home cross country meet at the Corvallis soccer fields was a nice opportunity to show off the work he’s put in all summer.

“I think he was really happy with it,” Corvallis cross country coach Joanne Cleveland said. “He felt like the work was paying off, but he realizes it’s a long season and a lot more to do.

“It was rewarding, but this is the first step for him.”

Flowers crossed the finish line at 17 minutes, 22 seconds, seven seconds ahead of his teammate Brian Healy. His winning time helped the Blue Devils win the overall meet, though the four-team race among Bitterroot cohorts really served more as a warmup.

“It was a way to get the kids out in a meet in a race condition,” Cleveland said of the race, which also featured runners from Hamilton, Darby, Stevensville.

On the girls’ side, Katy Gleason made it a clean sweep for Corvallis. Gleason, a sophomore, was competing in her first meet for the program.

“For Katy never running, she didn’t know what to expect,” Cleveland said.

She won.

Gleason clocked in at 20:40, edging Darby’s -- and a Class C favorite -- Gracie Lang by 20 seconds.

Corvallis’ Lilli Day, who was a Class A all-state placer last year, finished third and Kara Wissenbach took fourth. Hamilton’s Sarah Passey placed fifth with a time of 21:59. Stevensville junior Tailer Tintinger was the Yellowjackets’ best finisher at eighth.

On the boys’ side, Hamilton’s Colter Kirkland took home third place. Stevensville’s Wes Brown just edged out Hamilton’s Rigby Poulsen for an exciting fourth-place finish. Brown clocked in at 18 minutes, 23.1 seconds; Poulsen at 18:23.8. Darby’s Donavon chaffin was the lone Tiger boy in the Top 15, finishing in 11th

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Corvallis Cross Country meet

Teams competing: Corvallis, Hamilton, Stevensville, Darby

Girls Top 15

1, Katie Gleason, Cor, 20:40; 2, Gracie Lang, Darby, 21:00; 3, Lilli Day, Cor, 21:37; 4, Kara Wissenbach, Cor, 21:40; 5, Sarah Passey, Ham, 21:59; 6, Bree Lewis, Cor, 22:20; 7, Liz Varner, Cor, 22:40; 8, Tailer Tintinger, Stevi, 23:12; 9, Hannah Jankunas, Cor, 23:23; 10, Inga Watt, Cor, 23:38; 11, Marie Davenport, Ham, 23:51; 12, Rose Day, Cor, 24:17; 13, Jordyn Jessop, Cor, 24:18; 14, Aubrey Pezzullo, Stevi, 24:30; 15, Becca Parker, Ham, 25:11.

Boys Top 15

1, Will Flowers, Cor, 17:22; 2, Brian Heay, Cor, 17:29; 3, Colter Kirkland, Ham, 18:08; 4, Wes Brown, Stevi, 18:23.1; 5, Rigby Poulsen, Ham, 18:23.8; 6, Conner Yetter, Cor, 18:26.2; 7, Triston Schmalz, Ham, 18:26.5; 8, Logan VanDenburg, Ham, 18:32; 9, James Wissenbach, Cor, 18:33; 10, Ben Carrasco, Cor, 18:36; 11, Donavon Chaffin, Darby, 18:44; 12, Brandon Domsalla, Cor, 19:03, 13, Lane Cole, Ham, 19:08; 14, David Thurman, Cor, 19:43; 15, Harrison Silverio, Ham, 19:46.