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In essence, Squash Spaghetti is your favorite spaghetti recipe, plus squash. And if you don’t have a favorite spaghetti recipe, or know how to cook a squash this recipe will help.

Butter chicken, considered the most popular Indian restaurant dish in America, is an example of a tomato gravy. Being composed mostly of tomato and butter and garlic and cream, the rich sauce could belong to France, Spain or any number of Mediterranean cuisines.

Don’t be limited in your ways to use and serve coleslaw as well as the vegetables that you incorporate into it, and try to discover new ways to enjoy it.      

Half of us enjoy pizza once a week. Experimentation in the ways to create your own individual pizza is on the rise, and new kinds of pizza ovens for use outside and inside are also becoming available. 

Apples have so many uses, whether you choose to use them in a main dish, side dish, salad, bread, dessert, beverage or relish.

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