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QUESTION: Tim, in a recent column you got me excited about creating something very unique with ceramic tile. The issue is I’m like you and have stick-people skills when it comes to artistic talent. Doing mosaic tile would be impossible for me. Is there some other way I can create a simple but one-of-a-kind tile look that you might only find in my house? What tips do you have for a beginner like me? —Xenia F., Port Arthur, Texas

Q: Tim, I need your guidance. I want to do a large mosaic tile floor in my new room addition. I have no clue where to start. I’ve never done tile work before. Do you think I’m crazy for attempting this? If not, what can you share to ensure success? I don’t want to goof up and have to rip it up. There will be some heavy furniture on the floor. Is that an issue? —Rebecca T., Tuscon, Ariz.

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If you’re dying to try the tile furniture trend, this simple Ikea hack from @lonefoxhome will help you do it on a budget. To make your own, you’ll need an Ikea Besta unit, some extra wood boards to fill out the back, a tile of your choice, and grout.

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If you’re a renter with pink tile, figuring out how to style your bathroom to get a slightly updated take on the retro vibe can be tricky. TikTok creator @salllymae shows you how with some indoor plants and minimalist décor.

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NYC-based designer, stylist, and vintage hunter @pamellabonde documented a perfectly 50s-style pink tiled bathroom. The owners of the home show in the video chose to keep the bathroom aligned with the era by complimenting the pink tile with a gold lamé wallpaper and some classic floral paintings.

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A classic game that’s often played inside, we love this outdoor version that’s made bigger in size and weather-friendly. This colorful and durable dominos set includes 28 tiles as well as a handy carrying case. You can play on a table or set it up on the lawn, driveway or even the sand. Available at Kohl’s and Amazon

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Every renter has run into the blandest dated countertops ever made at some point but covering up a counter can be tricky. Peel and stick tiles risk ruining the original laminate, but this genius apartment hack from @yzuarich shows how you can modernize your kitchen without losing your deposit using painter’s tape.

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This wasn't what I was hoping for. In my mind, this would be some sort of cookie version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — light and airy with a sugary, spicy sweetness. Instead it's like a tile from the bathroom counter, a stiff slab that smells like syrup. This cookie actually improves with freezing, however — the coating of icing hardens and turns this into a maple-y lollipop.

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Blond bombshell, pin-up girl, close friend of the Kennedy men and highly successful actress, Marilyn Monroe starred in many of the biggest box-office hits of the 1950s and early 60s, including "Some Like It Hot," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and "The Misfits." Proceeds from her films, which grossed over $200 million, would have afforded her the ability to buy almost any home her heart desired. However, she purchased only one house in her own name during her 36-year lifetime.

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The bathroom in the modern cottage is all about rest and relaxation. The concept behind cottage design is the creation of a homey space that can serve as a refuge, and the bathroom should also reflect that. Instead of being merely about function, it’s also about simple indulgences. A big bathtub, a clear view and clean, white tile create a restrained but elegant look that feels just right in a modern but cozy home.

Once their children were out of high school, these Chicago-area homeowners knew it was time to redo their well-used kitchen that they felt was stuck in the 1980s. They wanted room for family and friends as well as lots of storage. And they wanted something that reflected their style and their home’s character. Interior designer Joey Leicht responded with an overhaul that combines historic details with an up-to-date kitchen that meets all their needs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, odds are you’re up for investing the time it takes to make it extra appealing. Decorative and functional tile can transform your pool and patio area, but knowing what kind to get requires research. Safety and maintenance issues make the decision more than an aesthetic one.

When dealing with any pool issues, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert because problems can get out of hand quickly. Tile can crack or fall off if the right material isn’t chosen or if it isn’t installed correctly.

Pools require a lot of upkeep, but the type of tile you choose can make a big difference in just how much. Select tile with a lifetime guarantee to protect your investment. Make sure you ask about cleaning before installing a tile. Pool tile can quickly accumulate buildup and scum, and will require an abrasive cleaner. Ask about the maintenance a tile needs, and make sure you’re up to the task.

The great thing about tile is that it’s easy to mix and match. If you have your heart set on mosaic tile but don’t want to invest the cleaning time, mix it with stone for less maintenance. This is also a good way to build traction around your pool — blend pebbles with mosaic and glass for a decorative and functional look.

The master bath combines several beautiful textures. The tile in the shower stall is a mix of stone and shell, the tub surround is concrete and the sandblasted block wall continues from inside to out. Three niches next to the bathtub echo the openings out the window.

When remodeling a house, architects are tasked with fixing or altering a previous architect’s design. For Bill Willers that previous architect turned out to be himself. In 2002 he completely renovated and added on to a 1966 Sea Ranch–style home in Sonoma, California, for a set of clients whose traditional style included granite countertops, distressed stone tile and Arts and Crafts–style light fixtures. Almost a decade later, those clients moved out and the home's new owners approached Willers to remodel the space to their needs.

In the kitchen more modern updates include white precast concrete countertops. “You walk up to it and you really don’t know what it is, but it has a sense of permanence, a quality that’s innate,” Willers says.

"I love to include elements that are floating and cantilevered; it keeps things light, airy and open," Tate says. In the master bath, a Marron Cohiba countertop extends beyond the cantilevered vanity to the bathtub.

Having recently bought their first home — a bungalow in Napa’s historic district — Carlisle and Paul Englehardt were eager to renovate the awkward, outdated bathroom. The young couple with an interest in historic preservation wanted the new design to pay homage to the period of the home but also feel like an upscale luxury hotel bathroom.

Installing porcelain tile with a marble look instead of actual marble was a cost savings, which, Mende says, allowed for greater opportunity to splurge on plumbing fixtures. Further unifying the luxury design concept, the subway tile, chair rail, crown molding and baseboard are all coordinating tile from the same collection. Floor tile installed in a herringbone pattern helps break up the length and add visual interest.

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