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Salt Lake City

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Jennifer and Meg Swift are sisters who couldn't be closer despite living in different cities. Jennifer runs a successful restaurant in Salt Lake City, which she started with her late husband and is raising her teenage son Simon on her own. Jennifer is thrilled when Meg comes to Salt Lake City for a fun Christmas weekend. Meg agrees to stay in the city and help out at the restaurant while Jennifer and Simon return home to Hazelwood for the holiday, where they become wistful for one more Christmas at The Madison — the local movie theater owned by their Uncle Dave. The trouble is the theater is for sale and in need of repairs. With help from Eric, Jennifer's former high school debate team rival, and the community, they just might pull off one last encore. As she and Eric work together, Jennifer is reminded that new possibilities are both where you least expect them and exactly where you left them.

We wrote an article this past summer about the difficulty some sellers have when it comes to selling their timeshare properties. Since then, we received several comments and questions that we want to share with you.

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Motor vehicle theft rate: 764 per 100k peopleAverage annual motor vehicle thefts: 1,546Overall property theft rate: 6,531 per 100k peopleViolent crime rate: 763 per 100k people

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If there ever was an artist that captured the west as well as Charlie Russell, it would have to be his good friend and fellow frontiersman, Ed…

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