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During the heyday of the Silk Road — the actual road, not the former Missoula restaurant — dried rhubarb root could be more expensive than cinnamon or opium, and Marco Polo went searching in northwest China for specimens that could thrive in Europe.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley that provides the elasticity needed for the bread and other baked goods to rise and hold their shape. But those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or gluten or wheat allergies cannot tolerate any gluten in their diet. It is possible, though, to still enjoy breads and other baked goods while going gluten-free.

You pronounce it “sal-more-EEL-ee-yo.” Now that’s out of the way, what is it? It’s a fabulous Italian lemon and olive oil sauce, marinade and dipping condiment for fish, chicken and just about any vegetable. Once you make it, you’ll be totally hooked and wonder where this miracle of a food has been all your life.

As you read this, most of Germany will be eating its way into a feeding frenzy known as spargelzeit, a two-month long, white asparagus-fueled celebration of asparagus and spring. About 125,000 tons of white shoots will be consumed, plus another 15 tons of green, by summer solstice. After that, the asparagus fields are given a rest, to ensure a bountiful harvest the following spring.

Many families enjoy sourcing local ingredients for the delicious meals they create together. Knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced can give you a greater sense of connection to the community. This is part of the reason farmers markets are so popular. Supporting local farmers and ranchers also provides them with needed markets for their products and encourages them to continue in the business they love. By joining together in a Food Hub, they can market as a group and share resources.

Billings artist Louis Habeck created PREROGATIvE’s logo of a lamb dressed in a blue suit jacket with a loosened pink tie clutching a plucked c…