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Vegan FoodTok creator @fitgreenmind makes creative plant-based recipes that are usually affordable, straightforward, and absolutely delicious. You might get addicted to onion baguettes after trying this recipe.

Whether you lack a green thumb or your dorm room lacks natural light, these DIY paper plants from @joshuarcher_ are an adorable substitute for the real thing.

It doesn’t seem intuitive but cutting the top off your pepper plants can help them produce more peppers. TikTok creator @meggrowsplants shows the difference it can make.

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Jagged holes, typically in leaf centers rather than edges, indicate slug damage. The nocturnal gastropods feast on basil, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and ornamental plants like hostas, leaving a telltale slimy trail behind.

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Verticillium and fusarium wilt are soil-borne fungal diseases caused by different pathogens that result in similar symptoms.

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Caused by a calcium deficiency that mainly affects tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. Characterized by dark, mushy spots on fruit bottoms, the disorder typically results from inconsistent watering, improper soil pH, injured roots or excess nitrogen.

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Zucchini, squash, cucumber and muskmelon plants die quickly after blooming, without so much as a goodbye. But if you look closely, you'll see the small puncture holes in the bottoms of stalks and stems caused by these pests, which start life as moths that lay eggs at the base of plants. Inch-long white caterpillars follow and bore into stalks, killing plants as they chew their way around and out. And just when you think the damage is done, they cocoon in the soil until the following year, armed and ready to repeat the carnage.

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You started seeds in spring and watched as they sprouted, then watered, fertilized and even staked plants as they grew, while visions of summer salads, grilled vegetables and homemade pickles danced in your head.

Beets are tasty and nutrient packed which makes them a perfect addition to a gazpacho recipe. TikTok creator @shaynaterestaylor’s recipe is plant-based too.

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When storms are predicted, close patio umbrellas and store garden furniture indoors, if possible. Examine trees for cracked or broken branches and remove them before they're torn by strong winds and sent flying. If those trees are large, hire a certified arborist to inspect them; the cost is nothing compared to the damage they could cause if they were to break or topple.

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