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Common Sense

Us: Some unusually bad hail came through this season and sadly it shattered many of our most precious stain glass windows in our home. What sh…

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Impart your values. Teens are still listening to their parents, despite much evidence to the contrary. Discuss what’s important to you: good character, solid judgment, and belief in a bright future — all of which are compromised by smoking pot.

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There’s no shortage of dads in the movies. But all too often, it seems that filmmakers fall back on the stereotypically goofy, bumbling dad — the kind who inspires head shaking and eye rolling from his wife and kids (not to mention everyone watching at home).

I recently retired as a Montana District Court judge in Ravalli County.

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I have known Perry Johnson for 32 years during that time he has been an outstanding person to work with. Always willing to spend time to liste…

Three decades ago the spotted owl was used to obstruct tree removal and to force unreasonable “hands off” forest management that has helped re…

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As you plod along on a summer day, or dash from air-conditioning to car and back again, you're doing all you can to not pass out from the heat. There's a water bottle in your hand, shoes on your feet to protect them from hot concrete, and sweat-wicking clothes (as few as possible) on your body.

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I just read that an elk took down a helicopter in Utah. This brought back feelings of anger and disbelief that wildlife biologists are still u…

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