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We need a national repentance

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An open letter to all elected officials: 

Our country was founded on Biblical moral principles. John Adams recognized: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Moral principles are absolute. If one compromises any principle in their actions, they no longer have a principle, but only an opening bargaining position. If one does not actively oppose that which is evil, they are a partaker of that evil. We, the people, are also guilty for reelecting officials who have proven to be unprincipled before God.

When officials who are appointed to do good and promote justice fail to perform properly, legislators and senators are morally obligated to impeach them and remove them from power. We have seen some of the grossest of abuses by appointed officials and justices, and have yet to see a single impeachment proceeding at the federal or state level to bring any of these to justice. Party politics must be subservient to God’s moral law.

Our government now actively promotes practices God forbids: homosexuality, same sex marriage, pedophilia, immorality, theft, abortion, and idolatry among others. The government reflects the character of its people. We deserve, as a nation, to come under God’s judgment for rebellion against his Word, especially after all his blessings in creating this country. We need a national repentance which must start with those in government by appropriate actions to turn this country from these practices.

Rev. Richard Hulse, Hamilton


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