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It's a Republic

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It's a Republic, stupid.

This is not an original thought; but, I think it needs repeating. Have you noticed that many politicians and media types keep referring to “Our Democracy?”

Well citizen, we don't have a Democracy. We have a Republic. The ancient Greeks had a Democracy. It was a miserable failure and cost many Greek lives.

Why did it fail? (Now let's not get in the weeds like an academic.) It failed simply because it allowed the rule by a majority. A majority which as you might expect changed it's mind with the wind which resulted in chaos.

Our Founding Fathers recognized this and designed a constitution creating a republic. Simply put, this is a means of delegating the authority for making policy to an elected official whom is bound by oath to obey the Constitution.

The democratic part is that every citizen gets to vote. On any given day the overwhelming event of public interest is therefore given some reasonable consideration before implementation. If you destroy our Republic you have mob rule.

Hey guys, it's really that simple. That's what its all about. Open the border, let non-citizens vote, stifle free speech, ignore the rule of law, divide the races. These and other similar maneuvers in Washington are actually daily attacks on our Constitution.

If you speak up against these maneuvers you are apt to get “canceled.” That is the current way of stifling open debate and argument. Just remember that before you can build a socialist state you have to demolish the Republic that is in place. I suggest we all speak up and correct the next nut that talks about “Our Democracy.” Better yet, give them a copy of the Constitution.

— Ed Sperry Col USAF (ret), Stevensville


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