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Is the Right right?

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Religion is supposed to be the pinnacle of man's achievement. It should encompass our greatest ethical and moral norms. The church should inspire its people to adhere to the tenets of its Bible/Torah/Koran. Most religions forbid lies, stealing, fornication, murder and other moral concepts.

How is it that the Religious Right has chosen to ignore the principles on which Christianity is based? They disregard adultery and even rape when speaking up would hurt their their chances of winning an election. Lies mean nothing since these are the backbone of campaign ads. When your leaders are unrepentant sinners (by their own standards) and fear losing their grip on power, they will stop at nothing including murder (January 6th Insurrection). The GOP has compromised its values. Would these conservatives tell their 5 year old it is okay to slap someone who says something they don't like? Would they tell their middle schooler to get his/her friends together after school and beat a sports opponent until hospitalized? We have hit the bottom of the moral barrel. There is no evil the MAGA mobs or Tea Party politicians won't stoop to if the crimes will retain their power. I fear the GOP troops in the trenches will finally destroy our democracy.

Erin Houtchens, Stevensville



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