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Forced move hard on disabled veteran

Forced move hard on disabled veteran

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On August 19th of this year, the seven disabled veterans residing in a small assisted living and nursing home in Hamilton were handed, in effect, their eviction notices.

Those veterans, all disabled with serious medical conditions, those veterans who had served their country with honor, those veterans who suffered debilitating injury or illness while serving, were told they were no longer welcome at the Discovery Centre. The letter went on to say the change was to be effective on September 1, a mere 12 days before these veterans would have to find alternative care, or come up with the thousands a month to continue their residence.

While the letter was on Discovery Care Centre letterhead it failed to mention a new, undisclosed owner, represented by the Goodman Group would be operating the center.

The Goodman Group is a Minnesota based private corporation which apparently manages nursing homes and other facilities, in many cases for “private partnerships.” I was not able to ascertain if the Goodman Group actually owns any of the many facilities in several states listed on their website, The other nursing home in Hamilton, Valley View is not owned by the Goodman Group, but is managed by them.

So, after scrambling to find another residence, and to get ahead of the situation, my relative, along with another veteran were able to move to the Living Centre in Stevensville. They moved on the 24th.

Obviously the moves were difficult. My brother, a Navy veteran had been cared for by the previous management for three years, had bonded with almost all the staff, and now was forced to move. Just before the Sept. 1 deadline, suddenly the new operators found a way to continue to use VA funding, but without a new contract, under an individual Veteran Care agreement, thus avoiding the need to conform with the requirements of a contract. I presume they agreed because it was more profitable with fewer requirements.

My relative could have moved back I guess, even though he had already gone through the stress and discomfort of a move. After learning that the Goodman Group had been managing the Valley View facility, and discussing the operation with past employees of that center, along with the fact the new owners were unknown, and not knowing the operating style of the Goodman Group, he, with my encouragement elected to stay at the Living Centre knowing the center was owned by the previous owner of the Discovery Centre, a known and trusted owner.

In my opinion, if the executives of The Goodman Group truly believed in their “Platinum Service Standards” as described in their website,, they certainly failed to execute in this case. I guess they must have forgotten their very existence and ability to do business is due to the sacrifices our veterans. I hope their executives and mangers enjoy any bonuses they may earn for financial performance this year, even though some of it was earned at the discomfort, stress and mental anguish of these seven veterans, their families and the employees of the Discovery Centre, a truly caring home for our veterans for many years.

— Bill Steinberger, Corvallis


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