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Elephant in the room

Elephant in the room

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By now I hope you have learned about the touchy subject of a GSA (Gender Sexual Alliance) club in the Florence Carlton School.

The board meeting to discuss “parental permission” concerning this club was scheduled for Tuesday, June 8. Many concerned people were planning on attending. We quickly learned how the other side works however, when a notice came out early that morning stating the public meeting had been cancelled and would now be conducted strictly on zoom because of an anonymous threat of weapons possibly being there.

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of zoom and it needs to be abolished as a way to conduct “public” meetings. We The People better start standing up and getting in the fight before we have nothing left to fight for. The zoom meeting was an embarrassment.

Chairperson Bauer controlled every aspect of what you could speak about. All comments needed to be “vague” or they would shut you down. No specific “club” could be talked about. So here’s the part about the elephant in the room; Everyone knew this whole meeting was about the GSA club on campus but Chairperson Bauer wouldn’t allow the public to have a voice. Never before has there been such contention over a club. And it stems around “parental permission!” Does that set off any red flags? It was stated that if the school mandates parental permission, this club would go underground. Really? Red flags? The administration was told by the supporters of this club that “parental permission defeats the purpose of the club." Huge red flag!

Last night's comments in opposition of parental permission was made completely clear that there is a gigantic push to undermine parental authority. Why would that be? Because the only way the enemy can destroy this country is to destroy the family! And what better way to destroy the family but to indoctrinate the children into a destructive immoral lifestyle, and turn the children against their parents.

The Florence School Board is so worried about the ACLU and the LGBTQP and a lawsuit that they couldn't even make a simple decision about the definition of a club. They were amending a policy. A policy they wrote. A member of the board made a motion to include parental permission. They simply could not make a decision without consulting their attorney, over a policy they wrote in the first place. So the decision was tabled.

The board kept referring to a case law that has them running scared. The case law they are referring to is the reason the Equal Access Act (EAA) was established. So, do school boards have to accept a GSA as a social club? NO! Many school boards today believe that they must allow a homosexual club in order to comply with the requirements of the Equal Access Act, or EAA. They and their attorneys have accepted the notion (deftly crafted by homosexual legal groups like the ACLU) that this club is a “viewpoint” and thus deserves to be established on an equal footing with all other school non-curricular clubs.

The law prohibits restrictions of clubs based on religious, political, philosophical or other speech. But homosexuality is not a viewpoint. It’s a known high-risk, traditionally immoral behavior. By cleverly changing the language to become a free speech issue and ignoring the implicit endorsement by GSA’s of high risk behavior (like children engaging in oral and anal sex), the legal eagles of child corruption have snookered countless public schools with the assistance of activist judges and courts.

The EAA allows for exceptions to clubs that would endanger student welfare and safety. It also allows for exceptions if the club would be disruptive. Both are easy to prove in the case of “Gender Sexual Alliances”. Disruptive would definitely describe the zoom meeting last night! They are historically disruptive; they advocate a lifestyle that is not biologically determined; and they clearly endanger student health and well-being.

The EAA allows schools to deny any club that would be detrimental to a students well-being or one that is disruptive. GSA’s discuss and enforce sexually high-risk conduct that no child should be engaging in. But GSA supporting national groups like GLSEN (gay, lesbian and straight education network) and GSA Network encourage children to learn “comprehensive sex education” either in school or to consult online sites. Some of these sites are XXX-rated and encourage children to engage in oral and anal sex, bondage, to be promiscuous, keep secrets from their parents, are anti-christian and other high risk immoral conduct.

Are you ready to stand up yet? Our children are our future. Think about that for a minute.

And before you bash this all over Facebook, this is not about hate. This is strictly about what should and should not be allowed in our public schools. If it is not curriculum based-it should not be allowed! The school has no business teaching our children about their sexuality.

Matthew 18:6 “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea!

— Terri Lackey, Stevensville


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