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Disagrees with Schneeberger

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I read with interest Mr. Schneeberger’s article announcing his District 43 candidacy. While stating his intentions to focus on local issues, he mentioned not one but began his article bashing President Trump. January 6 was inexcusable. It was not an insurrection. Shooting Ashli Babbitt ... inexcusable. 

I am a member of the “rural community” that you charge with being conned. We rural Americans have the common sense to make rash decisions about the direction our country needs to take, constitutionally. As to our rural conspiracy theories “to break down the trust in our system of government ...” What about the Russian hoax that the Democratic party perpetuated during the entire Trump presidency. Shame! The party that tried twice to impeach a duly elected president. Shame!

Mr. Schneeberger, you live in the information bubble. Do you read or listen to the diatribe of anti-american, anti-constitutionalism of the radical members of your party: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, IIhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida TIaib.

You believe Republicans are anti-voting rights? Opening the southern border, busing and flying illegals to major U.S. cities, allowing non citizens to vote in local elections, not requiring voter ID, … these are the real threats to our voting process.

I take offense at your implication that rural people can not come to truth. Your article announcing your candidacy was enough to convince me that you do not represent the people whom you’ve mocked and mischaracterized.

— Murray Kline, Stevensville


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