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Be responsible, get vaccinated

Be responsible, get vaccinated

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I like this word as I see it as a serious term that all of us are responsible for our actions. But let's back up for just a bit.

As I approach my 80th birthday I realize that my studies of human behavior are paying off in my observations of people's behavior regarding vaccinations for the COVID virus. It is quite common for people to lock in on a belief and then search for anything that supports that belief, and also discount any data that counters their position.

This is being played out today, no matter how much information is available to counter the belief against vaccination. Those people in Jamestown that drank the Kool-Aid many years ago were stuck in a similar rut, and they paid for that belief without impacting many other people.

That is a different situation from what we are seeing today. I support your right, as an adult, to make decisions about your welfare as long as your decision impacts just you, but that is far from what is happening today in our county, our state and our country.

Consider the following facts: vaccination does not prevent you from getting the virus, but it does significantly reduce the effects and the chances you will need hospitalization or will die; over 90% of the people in intensive care units (ICU'S) across the country with COVID-19 are un-vaccinated and many are on ventilators; they are occupying much-needed health care facilities and those facilities and personnel are in short supply in many areas; many hospitals, including our own MDMH, have been in Divert Status due to unavailable beds or personnel; the continuation of the epidemic is made worse because of the availability of so many un-vaccinated hosts for the virus to occupy, mutate and spread.

So you see your actions are impacting far more people than just you, and those impacts are bordering on criminal as people are becoming seriously ill and many are dying.

A recent example close to home. A neighbor who is about 78 years old and has COPD and diabetes was wisely vaccinated last spring and recently was infected with the virus. He had to be life-flighted to Great Falls as MDMH couldn't handle the severity of his condition. It looks like he will make it because he was vaccinated and that was a doctor's opinion, not mine.

One of my closest friends here has a son and daughter-in-law in California and neither believed in vaccinations. Both came down with the virus. The son stayed home and was seriously ill for two weeks while his wife was in ICU for that time and died while still in ICU. She required a significant amount of around-the-clock care that all could have been prevented with vaccination. Her husband did what any un-vaccinated person should do, stay home, take care of yourself and be responsible for your actions.

Last thing! When I was a teenager and did something my father thought was stupid, he would say "what were you thinking." Recent studies of the teenage brain have shown that actually I was not capable of thinking logically. So I have to ask all you anti-vaccination folks. What are you thinking?

— Sonny LaSalle, Hamilton


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