To the individual that graded the Dickson Creek Road on May 20, I want to thank you for contributing to the education on hate up Dickson Creek.

Except for the water bars, I had most of the road surface repaired going through my property. Evidently the entitlists (not the needy or the poor) reward was greater than the decency to acknowledge the “Do Not Grade” signs. Follow the money trail. It’s easy to be used.

This is the third contractor that has taken part in destroying and stealing my work, time, money and property.

The road is being used as a hate tool. The road, banks, water bars and creek are an ugly destructive mess.

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It’s ironic that an armed escort was present while destroying an 83-year-old widow’s work and property. Is it intimidation, harassment, entitlement, thievery, control or hate?

I pray that some decency and respect can be found for other’s work and property and manhood be shown.

The more I learn about people, the more I believe in God.

— Pat Baker, Conner