Manzella must own her bad votes

Manzella must own her bad votes


Here she goes again. Theresa Manzella’s lack of respect for the voters and for the legislative process is once again displayed in her latest letter to the editor.

When confronted with her own votes, which are clearly recorded in Montana’s permanent record and available online at the Montana Legislative website, she screams “FAKE NEWS” and refers to a printing of her actual votes as a “phony scorecard.” Again, she attacks the messenger, changes her story, and blames others for her actions.

I have no issue with legislators who have second thoughts about a vote and talk honestly to their constituents about why they voted a certain way. I do take issue, though, with any legislator who is unwilling or unable to understand the implications and consequences of the votes she takes. I also take issue with any legislator who blindly follows party leadership or votes with a block just to gain an “A-rating” from political hacks, and then deflects and attacks when confronted with her actual voting record.

I cannot explain Manzella’s reasons for voting as she does. Her own story changes with each telling. She is fond of saying “voting records matter” and on that, at least, we agree. The trouble is her votes often are not in the best interest of Ravalli County’s businesses, workers, families or students.

— Representative Nancy Ballance HD87, candidate SD44, Hamilton


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