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Dr. Christensen was an excellent family doctor who cared more about his patients than about making money. When our son was 8 years old he broke his arm. Dr. Christensen cleaned the wound and took X-rays. The arm was cut to the bone so Dr. Christensen set up an appointment at Missoula Bone and Joint and when we arrived they took us right in. We asked Dr. Christensen for a bill a couple times, but he said he didn’t fix our son’s arm so he wouldn’t take any money for his services.

So many times he opened his office on the weekend for an emergency, or came to a person’s home if they couldn’t get out of bed. This is the kind of doctor people need.

I was at the trial and was surprised to see some witnesses were obviously lying and weren’t cut off. These drug addicts who were brought to the stand admitted they had lied to get the drugs they wanted, then overdosed or sold the drugs. They were treated like they were the honest ones and the doctor whose intentions were to help was treated like a criminal.

The two patients who died from drug overdoses are responsible for their own deaths. It is time people accept personal responsibility and take the proper dose.

The prosecuting attorney tried to smear Dr. Christensen into the ground every way he could and a lot of thing he brought up weren’t relevant to what this case was supposed to be about.

You shouldn’t go to prison for unintentionally violating the law, but they want to throw Dr. Christensen in prison for life.

They should round up all of Dr. Christensen’s false accusers and make them pay all of the court costs and let him return to being a family physician. We need more small, family doctors who give heartfelt, personal care to the patients, which is something rarely seen in large hospitals.

Judge Jeff Langton was given a second chance when he was intentionally driving under the influence. He got his driver’s license and job as a judge back. Now is the time to show some mercy and give Dr. Christensen his practice back.

– Gabe and Michelle Leonardi, Hamilton