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Vote for Manzella

Vote for Manzella


Please vote! We can’t afford to lose Theresa Manzella!

Theresa Manzella is without a doubt one of the superstars of the Montana Legislature. We cannot afford to lose her.

Her six years in the House were such a perfect example of everything a representative should be. She got every vote right, because for her, every vote is based on principles, not politics. Even when it was a complicated issue, she was able to cut through to the true and right course, and she is never swayed from that course by political influence or attacks.

She is always true to both the Montana and U.S. Constitutions, even when liberals call her extremist for doing just exactly that. She is so patriotic, loves America and loves Montana.

She works very hard for the citizens of Montana to reduce our tax burden, frivolous and costly regulations, and the size, power and scope of government. If we had not had a Democrat governor to veto every good bit of Republican legislation, our economy in Montana and the jobs to keep our youth here would be higher than any other state.

She also works hard to protect our public lands from federal neglect and mismanagement. She would never propose “selling off our public lands to the highest bidder.” That is a shameful lie.

With a Republican governor and amazing legislators like Theresa Manzella, we will have freedom and prosperity like we’ve never seen before, together with healthy un–burned forests, clean water and clear skies.

— Patricia-Jayne Hascall, Hamilton


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