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Our country has been sliding away from pride, respect and the basic work ethic. Many are suggesting socialism.

A look at socialism, as a family member observed while working in Sweden: The people were very cordial and friendly. Tax rates are over 50 percent, with few deductions. It seems people give their income to the government, which divides it up.

Some things they don't have: Less than 40 percent own homes, and over half of the families live together, as they inherited the home. Few families have cars; gas prices prevent it. If they do, it will be a small one. Few pickups. That’s OK, as there are no trailers to pull; no big boats or livestock. Horse centers or livestock farms are licensed and controlled by the government. People may pay to ride, etc., but not to own.

There are few snowmobiles, jet skis, motorhomes, camp trailers, big cars, boats or houses, and they are owned by the rich (who are mostly part of the government).

This may work in a small, condensed area, but will be unworkable in open land areas such as the western United States.

Now the most important part: everybody work. No 42 percent welfare.

—Cliff Trexler, Hamilton