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Bullock supports rule of law

Bullock supports rule of law


In the remote past, I had believed that the private sector could accomplish most tasks more efficiently than government. I no longer see any evidence of that.

Dismantling government agencies has lead to corruption, pollution and rampant greed. Senator Daines evidently believes in this and in influence to get equitable treatment rather than the rule of law. In Montana our constitution guarantees clean air and clean water, and forbids outside or corporate money money in our elections. These were lessons learned the hard way, from influence of the Anaconda Copper Company and Montana Power.

I'm 78, I remember.

Daines' support of the 2017 tax bill made me ill. His either absence from the Senate or support of the Trump chaotic agenda has helped to cripple this Senate and wither any legislative oversight of the Executive Branch.

Governor Bullock, on the other hand has managed to steer Montana, working with both parties to fund schools, unemployment insurance benefits, health care, produce guidance for COVID-19, and economic opportunity. I trust his motives. He is a supporter of the rule of law and fair elections which underpin our great American experiment.

— Signe Shepherd, Hamilton


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