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Ed Kugler (letter, Nov. 15), you can't be serious!

Our nation is now a laughing stock to world leaders because of the reckless behavior of the sociopath pretending to be president.

$1.7 trillion added to the deficit, in less than two years, under his ignorant guidance. Being played the fool by the North Korean murderer. Shaming our nation by skipping the ceremonies for our fallen heroes in World War I because his hair might get mussed, having lunch with the communist dictator instead. Isn't this kowtowing the most embarrassing blow? Oh no. Skipping the veterans' ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery to sit in his domicile, sending hateful tweets to our military leaders qualifies.

Don't forget that Cadet Bone Spurs weaseled out of serving this nation but continued playing sports with no problems. Did you attend the rallies held four times in Montana ? He used your tax money, without a care, as he sought revenge on U.S. Sen. Jon Tester. Our senator is a true leader, unlike the New York hypocrite.

Currently, veterans attending school on the GI Bill have received no funds for two months. What is your hero doing to help these honorable men? Nothing.

You admire him? You can't be serious.

— Cheryl Sage, Florence