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Why does it seem like every time we have a needless tragedy and all the knuckleheads in Washington D.C. are doing is telling the bereaved they're in their "thoughts and prayers" and delivering eloquent speeches when they should be getting off their lazy cans, stop pandering to the wealthy special interest elite, and DO SOMETHING to address the serious issue with clean legislation (and no toxic, unrelated riders and amendments), to keep such tragedies from happening again?

Even Bob Dylan summed it up in a verse from "Blowin' In The Wind":

"How many deaths 'will it take 'til he knows

that too many people have died?"

The time is now to quit playing politics, stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk by getting to work for the American people!

Thoughts and prayers and useless lip-service alone is not enough. It's time to back it up with real proof! Not sugar-coated PR spins, window-dressings, smoke-and-mirrors, and gimmicks.

Real action speaks louder than words. Regardless of party, the serious issues in the wake of the senseless shootings and needless casualties MUST BE addressed with REAL ACTION!!

And if these senators and members of Congress continue with the status quo of political posturing, lip-service and more senseless tragedies, rather than address the issue in-depth with direct action, then it's time to throw all the political puppets out of office and start over from scratch with a new non-partisan body of everyday folks to get the work done.

Billy Angus, Hamilton