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Manzella's approach wrongheaded

Manzella's approach wrongheaded


Theresa Manzella, bless her heart, declared today on her campaign Facebook page that, in the interest of unity, she will take up the standard of bringing the country together under her interpretation of Christianity, because the founding fathers were "divinely inspired."

Manzella has dramatically declared, "The citizens simply need to elect legislators who are honest and well rooted in the founding principles, with the backbone to give the founding documents effect. I was created for a time such as this."

Created? Really? Is she implying created by God? Or perhaps closer to reality by some other outside worldly power who is manipulating her? As far as I can tell she has been created simply to further divide us by promoting her brand of Christianity as the rule of law.

For those who support her, that sounds so reassuring, but, in fact, it is completely at odds with reality. In fact, in his own words, John Adams is on record as saying: “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” — John Adams, 1797, Treaty of Tripoli.

Theresa Manzella likes to talk a good game about reducing government overreach, but her wrongheaded approach as a spiritual guide is the epitome of big government and needs to be left outside the State Capitol.

Manzella, in her dramatic proclamation, tries to demonize her opponent, but, in fact, Margaret Gorski will protect your right to worship as you see fit.

— Corrine Gantt, Hamilton


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