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We have witnessed the collapse of Obamacare, brought to us with lies and lawyers and politicians attempting to come up with better health insurance. And now the Republicans are flailing around trying to come up with a better plan. What a big waste of time and money.

My question is “What was so wrong with health insurance prior to Obamacare?” During 45 years of selling health insurance, I have had exactly two policies rescinded after policy delivery. In both cases, it was found that both had lied on the application, trying to hide health history, and in both cases all their premiums were refunded.

Had they been honest, I could have enrolled them in Montana’s high-risk pool. Because of the high-risk pool, no one has ever been denied insurance. Just try insuring a house if the bathroom is on fire! Two clients in Hamilton went over $1 million in health care bills … all paid by the insurance company, less deductible.

Health insurance companies are not perfect. However, there is nothing that could not have been corrected without dumping the entire system and being forced into government run plans.

Health insurance companies are not filthy rich, as claimed. They are about 86th in profitability compared with other businesses. Tupperware is more profitable than health insurance.

One last point. Health insurance was designed to pay for medically necessary conditions. About 98 percent of abortions are not medically necessary. Sex change and most cosmetic surgery are not medically necessary. When insurance companies are forced to pay for such procedures, they have no choice but to increase premiums.

Enjoy the ride.

– Joel Olinghouse,