The article two weeks ago that states that because of cost of paper and delivery cost we will only get the Ravalli Republic Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Someone is pulling our leg. They will sell us the Missoulian and deliver it seven days a week. It takes more paper to publish a 20-page Missoulian than a 10-page Republic. They are already delivering the Missoulian on the same routes as the Republic so no additional costs there.

The truth is that Lee Enterprises is limiting our news coverage. The big company buys the small company, limits competition and closes the small company. Kind of reminds me of “Radio Free Europe,” when the wall divided Germany.

What we need is someone to buy the Ravalli Republic and establish it as an independent business. That person needs to be electronic savvy so that we can go to the RR icon and get our basketball tournament results, Olympic results, read our letters to the editor, look at the want ads, read our fishing and gardening stories, learn about places to dine, dance and meetings, read the commissioner schedule, read about what is happening in Helena, get our local weather, read our comic strips and print our Sudoku. The Ravalli Republic has the building established on Hamilton Main Street. The staff wants to live and work in the Bitterroot. The technology is available.

Until that happens, I guess good luck to the Stevensville Star.

Carol Peterson