God help us

God help us


April 12th, 2020 is Easter Sunday. It is considered the most important date in history by the Christian religion. It is universally celebrated as the day on which Jesus Christ rose up out of the grave in which he had been placed after his death the Friday before by crucifixion. He had been declared dead, was entombed, and came back to life immortal. This is the message that has been proclaimed for 2000 years.

Today, in America, that message will be muted considerably because churches have been ordered by the state to close their doors because of the Coronavirus panic, er, I mean pandemic.

If the state can tell churches to shut down over a "bug," then this can happen for any reason at all. In fact, history shows that the more totalitarian a state becomes, the more prone it is to shut church doors. America is not immune.

In defiance of this order, churches everywhere ought to throw open their doors, welcome everyone in, and get on with the joyful worship of the one who was dead, but now lives. Pastors and church boards ought to ‘gird up their loins’ and tell the state where to get off. After all, as the apostle Peter said so eloquently when called up before the Jewish court, “We ought to obey God, rather than men.”

Will this happen? Not likely. Today, in America, worship of the state has trumped worship of the King. God help us!

— Roger Mitchell, Stevensville


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