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Can’t figure it out

Can’t figure it out


How can so many kind and caring people vote for a person like our current president when they probably wouldn’t even buy a used car from him and he’s been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan (whether he publicly accepts it or not)?

How can so many kind and caring people believe what Fox News feeds them when no one else in the world does but the U.S. Republican Party?

1. Perhaps they believe in voting for the same party they always have and don’t realize that it’s been pretty much taken over by rich people who don’t want to share. The top 1% of American citizens have more wealth than the bottom 90%. Which are you?

2. Perhaps they are afraid that if non-white people and immigrants are treated humanely, there won’t be enough of the pie for all of us, or our slices will be smaller. If the people (and subsidized corporations) who already have most of the pie paid fair, proportionate taxes, there would be enough for all.

3. Perhaps they have lived their whole lives in a world of white Christians and feel really insecure when that world grows to include other skin colors, cultures and religions. But it does, and they are not our enemies unless we make them be.

4. Perhaps they could never vote for anyone who is not adamantly against abortion. I wonder how many abortions this president has paid for over the course of his career of misogyny and sexual predation.

5. Perhaps the prevalence of Fox News among their friends and family has prevented them from realizing the considerable difference between what he says and what he actually does, and the effects his actions have on all of us, the country, and even the world. In less than four years we have gone from leading to being laughed at.

6. Perhaps they don’t realize that if they can’t pay for a night at Mar-a-Lago, he’s not a bit interested in them.

Please be sure to vote. (And yes, he has been endorsed by the KKK.)

— Mary Fahnestock-Thomas, Hamilton


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