Dead fish in our rivers from toxic mining spills. That's the news from Butte.

Then there is the pit with dead birds from the toxins, the lead in drinking water in other states and possibly even in Montana, and yesterday, Donald Trump took off all protections for the people against these deadly toxins. He also slashed endangered species protection, sold off our public lands to mining and oil interests not even from this country.

He acts like a foreign agent for another country, not caring about the people of the USA. Apparently we the people, for the people, have to stand up for ourselves. Remember the saying, "United we stand, divided we fall."

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Make sure when you vote that you vote for those who are not receiving dark money, money from undisclosed places like from Russia, etc. He is taking money from our military to support his resorts. I am a vet, we may be on the chopping block next.

Vote him out and those like him.

— Joseph Gervais, Corvallis