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Missed the Monday evening TV news but did read Tuesday morning news in the Missoulian. Read the front-page Associated Press article headlined "FBI seizes docs from Trump's attorney."

Read two column inches of our president’s criticism calling the raid a “disgrace” and “an attack on our country.”

Read two column inches of criticism by Michael Cohen's attorney, who slammed the raid as “an unnecessary seizure of protected communications between a lawyer and his clients.”

Breaking in and raiding to net some Stormy Daniels documents does sound like possible deep state overreach.

What else was sought from Michael Cohen, who, after buying Trump condos, was special counsel for the Trump Organization in 2006? Who twice went to Georgia in 2008, in an attempt to set up a Georgia Trump Tower, financed by a discredited bank in Kazakhstan? Who, in 2011, was backing Donald Trump for president — and pushing back against Stormy Daniels?

For a decade, Cohen had an office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, where he was elevated to do big deals with foreigners investing in Trump-branded contracts.

Michael Cohen, who may, or may not, have helped channel Russian money into our 2016 federal election.

Bob Williams,