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Debate on the radio

Debate on the radio


My husband and I had the opportunity to listen to the debate on 9/23/20 on KUFM between Matt Rosendale and Kathleen Williams. I found it quite informative, despite the usual trite political phrases that do not contribute to the conversation.

I didn’t start taking notes until Rosendale said Montana should eliminate the “death” tax. My ears perked up like my dog’s when he hears a squirrel. Take note, Mr. Rosendale, Mr. State Auditor: the “death” tax was eliminated in this State in 2001. Ms Williams rightfully pointed out that there is an estate tax on estates over $5.45 million, and suggested it was “much ado about nothing for 99% of Montanans.”

Now we were paying attention! Next Rosendale suggested tax dollars shouldn’t be used to fund politician’s salaries. Well, not salaries like his! He makes $92,000 annually from us taxpayers, although he refused a modest raise the legislature gave him in July. Kathleen Williams has been paying herself $3000/month out of the contributions individuals have donated. That seems thrifty, doesn’t it? It’s more than my husband and I accrue, but if candidates aren’t wealthy, how can they pay expenses to run for office? I abhor regulations that exclude the less advantaged from having a public political voice.

Ms Williams made a pledge at the beginning of the debate to minimize name calling and polarizing topics by political party, and she did a pretty good job of it. Mr. Rosendale failed on that one, bringing erroneous and irrelevant rhetoric into nearly every response. An example is the old “she’s-gonna-take-our-guns- away-from-us” war cry, which Ms Williams pointed out just isn’t true. Name calling and slogans are a default strategy of the ill-informed, who aren’t equipped to have a deeper dialogue about the critical issues facing our state and the nation.

All in all, Kathleen Williams established that she’s a clear-headed independent voice running for the U.S. House of Representatives. She will dig deep into issues with opponents and like-minded legislators to represent the majority of us in Montana. And she’ll design legislation with the care and research every bill deserves.

Star Jameson



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