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Set up for failure

Set up for failure


Ravalli County Commissioners are wavering on protecting the community against coronavirus, unable to adopt a clear standard that residents, shop owners and visitors can count on. One commissioner already predicts the number of likely infections and simply shrugs it off. It’s an “oh well” attitude. Until it’s your family, and maybe even you.

This is bad enough, but just wait, folks, it’s only going to get better. When we finally have a vaccine, what are these shruggers going to say? Take the vaccine if you feel like it? The whole point of vaccinating is to prevent virus spread, and these guys show now they’re afraid to tell people what to do to protect all of us. If they had a herd of cattle with a raging disease, they’d be more decisive about protecting their cattle than they are about protecting you.

We do not have “immunity” to this virus. Eating garlic won’t give you immunity to this virus. It is a novel coronavirus. It means we have no immunity to it.

Next time we elect commissioners, let’s get people who actually do something for the community, not against it.

— Linda Schmitt, Corvallis

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