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Daines engaged in lies

Daines engaged in lies


Senator Daines:

Unfortunately no one at the top level of Montana representation was born in Montana. However; unlike Rosendale and Gianforte you were educated in Montana. How did Mike McFaul, a fellow student at Bozeman High and you turn out so differently? McFaul earned a Ph.D. and became ambassador to Russia. You became a seditionist.

Why have you thumbed your nose at 45% of Montana voters? Why has your behavior caused the Montana Racial Justice Project to warn the 67,000 plus people of Natïve American heritage to stay home on Jan. 6? Maybe it is because seditionists do incite riots as they have no use for equal rights, law and order or democracy. You did engage in the lies that caused the mob actions.

How were you radicalized? Was it the power you were granted by the citizens of Montana? Governor Bullock was granted as much or more power and he was not radicalized. This was his statement from Jan. 6, 2021. “Perpetuating fraudulent, baseless and dangerous claims has consequences. The American people deserve leaders who will do what’s right at our U.S. Capitol, not those who flame division and violence.” Governor Bullock’s talk matches his walk. Yours does not.

If you cannot control your thirst for power or represent all Montana’s far better than you have, then please resign. You do not appear to care about the people of Montana or the truth. You seem to care about being a seditionist so you can achieve whatever is your goal.

— Diane Thomas-Rupert, Stevensville


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