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Pushing back against mandates

Pushing back against mandates


Since March 22nd, 2020, I have written and posted twenty-four articles to my blog, Poor Rogers Almanac (https://poorrogersalmanac/) concerning the viral “threat” known as Covid-19, the dread Corona Monster. In addition, I have published numerous Letters to the Editor in local papers making it clear where I stand on this and have commented countless times in other venues. My opinion is known and can be seen.

Today, I am raising the ante. It is time to become more involved. I am working to set up and establish an organization of like-minded people to push back against the lockdown and face mask mandates which have been imposed on society to its detriment.

Not only have we been told to stay home, but to close our businesses, to keep an anti-social distance from each other, to cover our faces with a porous scrap of cloth or paper, to act as if we are guilty. We have been told that our work is not “essential”, that we cannot practice our religion freely without interference, that we cannot meet socially with friends or family, that we cannot attend weddings in joy or funerals in grief. And more, all in the name of preventing the spread of what can be proven by data to be nothing more serious than a moderately severe seasonal illness.

I’m tired of it. I’m doing something about it. I want your help. Together, we can make a difference.

Breathe free. Join me.

E-mail me:

— Roger Mitchell, Stevensville


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