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Pro Trump candidates are jockeying for position.

West Coast emigrant Troy Downing’s campaign is chaired by West Coast Lola Zinke. Who’s ill suited to deflect Downing's voting in Montana fewer times than he’s wrongfully applied for resident Montana fishing and hunting licenses.

East Coast emigrent Matt Rosendale certainly has the strongest Montana GOP support. He's favored by Stephen Bannon and the Robert Mercer organization that motivated targeted voters to vote for Donald Trump.

Fourth generation Montanan, recently District Judge Russell Fagg is blaming Senator Tester for voting against Gorsuch, and voting for the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Koch brothers supported Price, Pruitt and DeVos as Cabinet level department heads.

The Koch brothers, and Robert Mercer, may decide who will defeat Senator Tester!

Meanwhile there’s growing national consensus that our President does not understand war and peace, government debt, Kremlin support for North Korea, record breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and the Iran problems.

And for many, has now made health care much less affordable than under the Affordable Care Act.

Yet still refuses to comply with bi-partisan Congressional vote to punish Kremlin cyber war operatives.

Or acknowledge anti USA Kremlin information warfare, while our weak National Security Agency gets weaker.

– Bob Williams, Stevensville