I was shocked and infuriated to learn that an organization like the National Rifle Association, which contributed hundreds of thousands to Donald Trump's campaign, has tax-exempt status. They sell guns and have Russian oligarchs as members.

Also, corporations like Amazon and their CEO, the richest man on earth, pay zero taxes. And because the richest people in America pay little or no taxes, the poor working class has to work and struggle to make a living and pay taxes.

This administration is cutting out the very last shred of national health care and now insurance companies won't have to pay for pre-existing conditions. The so-called richest country in the world will have no health care for the majority of Americans while the wealthy senators are covered forever.

People need to rise up and fight this corruption in our country. Also, check it out: Russian reconnaissance planes are allowed to fly over all our military bases, even Area 51, because of an old agreement when we were getting along with Russia. But this president allows it, even with the Russian hacking.

— Kay Gervais, Corvallis