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There is a tug of war happening over Montana's public lands. I favor the side that values untamed wilderness.

The lessons I've learned while spending time outside, with nothing but a tarp between me and the Earth, are valuable lessons. Wilderness carries an energy that is unmatched elsewhere.

The Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act (BCSA) is a Montana-made act originating about ten years ago. Most importantly, the BCSA will designate 80,000 acres as Wilderness.

Meanwhile, Senator Steve Daines wants to remove protection of nearly 450,000 acres of Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) with S.2206. Daines has proposed supporting the BCSA as long as his act, not having seen one public meeting, moves forward simultaneously. This hardly seems fair as the BCSA has always been a collaborative effort.

If Daines’s bill passes, these Wilderness Study Areas would lose the protections that preserve their Wilderness character. I believe these wildlands to be deserving of actual Wilderness consideration and ultimately, designation. I want future generations to feel that wild energy of wilderness.

My hope is that more people will stand up for these wild places; we must demand that Senator Daines withdraw S.2206 and instead support the passing of the BCSA."

Skylar Adcox