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The hype about school shootings has waned from everyday news. "If it bleeds, it leads!" until the next catastrophe.

More laws and no guns — that seems to be the battle cry over the Florida school shooting.

When this world was first created, God gave Adam and Eve one law: "Don't eat of this tree." That didn't last too long, and that one law was violated. God had Moses write down 10 new laws. Those 10 laws fell one by one, until all those, too, were violated. Enter the Pharisees, the Jewish religious leaders. I think they came up with 600 more laws. Of course, 600-plus laws solved everything, and the world has been in compliance ever since. Not!

So will passing new gun laws prevent people from killing other people? No one can legislate morality. Morality is something within, something taught and hopefully learned from an early age.

We Americans have carried our freedom to extremes. No longer do we have prayer in classrooms, but rather, sex education. No-fault divorce reigns. Tired of being married? Get a divorce. No longer is life sacred, and the freedom to have an abortion is the norm.

How many laws do we have today? Is this world a better place?

James L. Thomas,