I am disturbed by the Republican Party and proposed legislation. Formerly, the party had many examples of prudent, thoughtful legislation, based on fact and focused on common good.

Much of what is being proposed is out of the mainstream of values and not based on facts/evidence. This does not strengthen the state, but makes it look ignorant and repressive, and does not focus on common good.

Our legislators need to be informed, understanding consequences that are intended and unintended. To do less is incompetence. Beliefs do not equal facts or best evidence. Legislation proposed to prevent birth control, eliminate requiring education, making it easier to avoid vaccinations, stating we will never cooperate in eliminating CO2 — all seem like an effort to put Montana into the Dark Ages. Legislation targeted at the fringe culture is not in the interest of the many.

Democracy is fragile and is best served by good governance based on outcomes that enhance the common good and are evidence-based. Legislators' obligation is to serve the citizens, not your personal beliefs or the needs of corporations.

— Mary Monroe, Florence