Socialized medicine not the answer

Socialized medicine not the answer


An official legislative audit is proving what the citizens of Ravalli County, and true conservative Republican legislators, knew all along — socialized medicine is not the answer to our healthcare needs and Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion is a mess — an enormously expensive, unaccountable, murky mess.

Sixty percent of Ravalli County citizens voted NO on I-185, the Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative in Nov 2018. Your decision should have been respected as our Constitution directs — “All political power is vested in the people … and founded upon their will only …” Sadly, a liberal group of the Republican party usurped the will of the people, and the majority of the Republican legislative caucus, to team up with the Democrats to pass it anyway.

When Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion was originally carried by a so-called Republican and passed in 2015, it added over 96,000 able bodied, working-aged adults without children, to the Medicaid enrollment rolls. What happens when an agency’s work load is quadrupled in size? The 5% of the population that the program was actually designed for, suffered from rationed services associated with an overworked system. That’s the very essence of socialism — rationed services.

The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) did not design and maintain adequate internal control over eligibility determinations and consequently as many as 50% of enrollees (3,000 of them not even living in Montana) are wrongly enrolled in the program and are paid for with your tax dollars.

The “work requirements” touted as a “conservative improvement” by the liberal republicans have since been deemed unconstitutional. Do you consider volunteering, probation, drug counseling, work force training and school as being “Work”? I do not.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of your elected legislators to craft law language tight enough for the agencies to follow with clarity. That’s what you elect us to do. Although I voted “No,” the poorly-crafted bill passed, and is now another fiscally reckless, unaccountable mess needing to be cleaned up.

Irresponsible legislators failed to do their job, and it’s working Montanans who are picking up the tab for their irresponsibility. Those legislators boasting of protecting your healthcare are simply trying to cover up their actions by deliberately misleading you. Don’t be deceived. If you want things to change, you’ll need to give Montana an honest Republican majority, and vote out those who disregard the principles of limited government and usurp the will of the people. Replace Ballance, Bedey and Greef in Ravalli County.

— Rep. Theresa Manzellla HD85, candidate for SD44, Hamilton


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