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I just received my absentee ballot. I am going to vote yes, for the Corvallis School District to purchase the Ravalli Electric Land and buildings.

My decision is a business decision. We own the Cheese Factory Garage, our home and several rentals in the Corvallis School District. By spending taxes to support the Corvallis School, I increase the resale value of our property. I also increase the demand for our rental homes. If we have an excellent school, which we do, than people choose to live in the Corvallis School District.

Vote yes, and support the Corvallis School. Remember that you can vote in the north door of the Fourth Avenue Courthouse in Hamilton any time before Nov. 7. They have handicap parking and easy access. The polls will be open at the Corvallis High School on Nov. 7.

Carol Peterson

Corvallis Mt