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The country of the United States of America was founded on a revolution that we would not be ruled by a monarch who was only serving his own self interests. Maybe, if they taught the history of the United States in our schools, any more, our population would understand what it would mean to be ruled by an unwanted monarch. Today the monarchs are dictators.

I paid close attention to the presidential election of 2016 and I realized that one of the candidates was only interested in becoming president so that he could become the dictator of the United States of America. I started writing about that after he was nominated, and I wrote about it right through his taking the oath of office, which he said was the largest swearing in ever. It was a bald face lie, but he persisted and forced others to lie about it also. It was our first indication of his future intentions.

He has now shut down the government causing the country to go into the position of having no government. With no government, he can ignore the Senate and the House and stumble along on the wide road to dictatorship.

What is the answer?

An armed force should march on the White House and rid the country of this disease that has taken over the White House. They should take out all of the elected or appointed people and put them in jail to await trial for their attempted try to make Donald a dictator.

Much of Donald’s ability to make the attempt at becoming a dictator are the result of the Supreme Court’s decision that a corporation is really a ‘person’ that allowed the wealthy to provide unlimited amounts of money to elect our representatives and obtain control of the government by buying the people we believe are legislating for our best interests.

The answer is revolution. We must begin or be lost. 

John Robinson, Hamilton