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An open letter from a student to everyone:

Hello, I am a student at Hamilton High School, in Hamilton, Montana.

Recently I have been hearing about backlash towards parents, administrators, teachers and most importantly students because of the walk out protest.

I stand with every student that is willing to set aside their pencil and stand up for what they believe is right. This protest is not in opposition to second amendment rights, it is rather a protest from the younger generation telling everyone that we are unhappy with what is happening.

Some of you may ask, “What is happening?” The fact that your sons and daughters are unable to go to school without feeling dread and fear for when and where the next school shooting will be, that's what's happening.

If you disagree with these protests because “it’s not the right time” you are gravely mistaken.

It is never the right time, which therefore makes now better than tomorrow, or even the next hour. We are unheard in the political spectrum, underrepresented, unnoticed and unannounced, however, our voices will be heard!

The hate that is circulating is disgusting, the fact that society has to argue about the safety of children baffles my mind. Our inability to agree that we have a problem with school shootings and the audacity that we are arguing over the number of them that we have is outrageous.

Finally, by standing up for what we believe in we are not destroying our academic careers, rather we are trying to ensure the safety of future generations by exercising our constitutional rights, which happens to be a better lesson than any civics class can give us.

We know that we will not see any change in the short time that we have left in school, however we are fighting for our childrens’ safety.

– Alex Raymond, Hamilton