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Protect the vulnerable

Protect the vulnerable


Thank God we have reasonable people running our county government and law enforcement. What a gift they have given us at a time when our governor and hundred of leaders around the country are choosing or being forced to choose to put in place regulations that will destroy our economy and endanger many lives not by illness but by financial ruin and despair.

Now we citizens all need to step up and take individual responsibility for our choices as we go about our valley be it for business or pleasure.

The Lord gave us free will, discernment, and the responsibilities that go with these gifts. How each of us use these tools can make the difference between continuing as the leadership has allowed, or we can say “screw you” to those vulnerable in our community and claim that “it’s my right” to push up on some innocent person in line at a store or restaurant unmasked and expose them to your unknown but very possible virus you are carrying.

My husband survived a heart attack last September and while he is doing really well, his doctor has made it very clear that he is high risk for COVID due to both the heart still healing and his age, a ripe young 72.

I love, respect, and wish to protect my life-time-love from COVID-19 and beg all of you self absorbed, it’s my Constitutional right citizens, to embrace the freedom you have to choose to protect the vulnerable.

— Suzy Foss, Hamilton


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