The political lines are clearly drawn. The Republican and Democratic platforms are directly opposed:

Republicans believe the culture produces the government.

Democrats believe the government produces the culture.

Republicans believe our Constitution is a fixed framework that constrains government.

Democrats believe the government should be unconstrained to do what it thinks is necessary.

Republicans know virtue is necessary for self-government and freedom.

Democrats want to replace the rewards of virtue with government largesse.

Republicans believe all our laws must originate in Congress.

Democrats believe our laws should originate from “expert,” un-elected bureaucrats.

Republicans know the free-market economic system benefits all participants.

Democrats know the free-market system is oppressive and must be replaced by a government-controlled economy.

Republicans believe God has conferred natural rights to every individual.

Democrats believe government confers (and rescinds) rights to certain classes.

I cannot vote for a Democrat. If elected to power they will work to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic.

— Dennis Hicks, Hamilton