Thank you, Walmart.

I have been a gun owner for over 50 years. Owned and used high powered hunting rifles, shot guns, semi-automatic hand guns, 22 long rifles, and 38 revolvers. Have survived night time home invasions in 2 States. I am neither anti-gun nor anti 2nd Amendment.

I am heartsick and infuriated by the continuing tragedies across my country due to guns that should be primarily restricted to law enforcement and soldiers in war zones.

As long as schools, Churches, malls, movie theatres, sporting events, concerts etc. continue to be places of mortal danger, silence and inaction are not options.

My convictions are based on Christ’s teachings and love of country. I urge all good persons to publicly push back against profit driven organizations (like the NRA) and cowardly politicians who could act to stop this domestic terrorism carnage, but do not.

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As Dante wrote: “the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crises, maintain their neutrality”.

Silence suggests neutrality. Thank you Walmart for publicly addressing our country’s great moral crises. I hope other corporate leaders and Churches will follow your example.

Claire L. Kelly