There is a new movie showing in Hamilton and Missoula: "Unplanned."

The strike-through is purposeful, the title meaningful. It is not a pleasurable movie, but an immensely important one. And yes, it is the story of abortion, from one who knows abortion all too well.

For anyone who has ever had an abortion…

For the spouse of a woman who had an abortion...

For men whose unborn child was aborted, this film is crucial to your healing.

For the friend of someone who had an abortion…

For parents of a daughter who had an abortion...

For any parent of a teenager, you need to see this film.

Doctors and nurses involved in abortions, prepare to be affected.

Administrators of clinics and hospitals performing abortions, be brave enough to view this film.

Legislators, counselors, high school teachers…

Clergy men and women, step inside this film.

Those who protest abortions, you will find courage in your efforts to speak out.

Anyone who has ever said, “It’s my body and no one is going to tell me what I can and can’t do with it”…

Anyone who has stated, “Personally, I am opposed to abortion, but I’ll defend every woman’s right to choose”,

Anyone who has voiced, “Laws should not come between a woman and her doctor”, I implore you to view this film.

When a woman has an abortion, her life goes on; sometimes no one is the wiser. But she is irreparably changed, permanently scarred, not always physically, but always emotionally, forever.

I challenge everyone to view this powerful film. It will be showing at the Pharaohplex in Hamilton beginning April 5 and at the AMC Theater in Missoula at least through April 10. I will pay the price of admission for the first 100 people who contact me requesting payment. Just email me: foreverchanged7685@gmail.com.

— Clover Quinn, Hamilton