Make it happen Montana

Make it happen Montana


My fellow Montanans as I sit and watch a new day come to life in the pre dawn light of our great state I realized it has been almost a week since I asked our governor to close our borders and for reasons that are incomprehensible to me, he has not.

As I watch reporters at the governor's news briefings they end with more questions than answers.

Mister governor sir does our state have what it needs to fight this war on COVID-19. Do we have ventilators, masks, beds do we have enough staff is so where are they? Has anyone seen them? Do we need volunteers to help as nurses assistants who will you call? At this point we have no answers only questions.

As I watch the fear and uncertainty in our community and listen to idle chatter about economic dome preppers talk about retreating to their compounds, I hear its a conspiracy, corona virus is a hoax, it's the Democrats, it's Trump, it's only killing old people. Are you kidding me and so it goes.

So here is a fact this virus is real and its killing people. How many I don't know. Which one of us wants to attend the funeral of our mother, father, grandparents or God forbid, our children.

We are better than this Montana. We are a state of smart and courageous people this is a time to act. Our community is full of engineers, scientist, machinists, farmers, ranchers, teachers, veterans and people from all walks of life. We have manufacturing facilities throughout our state if we need things make them. Engineers and manufactures. we need ventilators build them. We have quilting clubs and grandmothers who can sew masks and gowns and children who are eager to learn. I know they are not N-95 but they got us through a couple world wars.

We have veterans who are disciplined and who can bring calm to chaos, mothers plant a garden if only a bucket or a pot it will only be a day or two before an excited, bright eyed child is running threw your house yelling it’s growing, it sprouted come look.

We need EMT’s or nurses to help volunteers to learn the best way to assist them and other medical staff if needed. Covid-19 is here. This virus has no political or ethnic preference. Montana we are the salt of the earth so finish your coffee, pick up your phone call your people, make it happen, this means you!

May god bless us all.

— Tony Hudson, Stevensville


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