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Why are they so angry?

Why are they so angry?


Why are they afraid?

Because they don’t think there’s enough freedom and resources for all of us? Because they think immigrants and Black people and even opinionated women want to take away what they have worked so hard for? What they deserve?

That’s the myth of scarcity, which the rich and powerful use to distract us from the fact that there is more than enough for everyone if we just organize it a bit differently.

Why would the rich and powerful do that? Because they have more than their fair share and don’t want us to realize it and call them to account.

Are we going to fall for it? Are we going to vote for the rich and powerful to become even richer and more powerful while you and I continue to argue over the crumbs?

Anger grows out of fear. November 3rd is a great day to show that we are not afraid — not afraid to care about someone besides ourselves and to channel our anger into something constructive for the whole country.

— Mary Fahnestock-Thomas, Hamilton


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